Saturday, July 13, 2013


After Nova Sad, we sailed to Belgrade. Again, first impressions were that this city is still trying to emerge from years of communist rule and conflict.

Again our guide lead us to a fortress. The fortress and many of the old buildings are in need of restoration. There are blocks of ugly communist era apartment buildings.

We visited a small old chapel before entering the fortress. The primary religion in Serbia is Serbian Orthodox. This mosaic is near the entrance.

At Belgrade, another river flows into the Danube. This picture taken from the fortress shows the confluence of the two rivers. The Danube is the brown one.

Belgrade was bombed by NATO. There were some buildings that were failing down. I don't know if they were a result of the bombing or of neglect.

While Hungary is mostly Catholic, in Serbia the main religion is Serbian Orthodox. This large church has been under construction since 1946. The interior is still unfinished.

Our tour included a trip to a village outside Belgrade complete with a peasant feast.

Storks nest on rooftops.

At the feast, lots and lots of great food. I have no idea what we ate.

And Serbian folk music.

And wine...

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