Sunday, August 21, 2011

Friday, Onward to Scotland

Today was mostly a travel day. We spent part of the morning in Keswick before leaving for the drive to Scotland. We picked up a couple of Cornish Pasties for our lunch before we left. The pasty shop must have had a dozen varieties and piles of each. We discovered pasties on our last trip to England. They are a savoury flaky pastry turnover filled with some combination of meat, vegetables and cheese. Basically a meat pie that you can eat with your hands. They were eaten by Cornish miners for their meals down in the tin mines. They would hold them by the thick crust and eat the fillings. They would throw away the heavy crust which would be contaminated by the poisonous tin dust on their hands.

They also make a good lunch to eat in the car.

We had a long drive ahead. Unlike the past couple of day when we were driving on narrow twisty roads, today's drive would be on motorways and unfortunately our route takes us through the center of Glasgow, Scotland's largest city. Though we were on a motorway the exits to other routes came fast and furious for about a 30 mile stretch. This signage shown below was typical. Thank goodness for the GPS.

After Glasgow, our route took us north past Loch Lomond, Scotland's largest fresh water loch. The land was starting to become more mountainous as you can see.

We arrived in Inveraray in early evening. The village is very different in appearance from the English towns we've visited.

Once again we have been fortunate with our selection of B&B's. This house is a former manse.

The house over looks Lock Fyne which is a sea loch. This will be our view from the breakfast room.

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