Friday, August 12, 2011


Today is our last full day in London and was not as busy as yesterday. We have enjoyed our stay in our hotel and would highly recommend it. Here is a
picture of it's exterior. You can see our little yellow rental car in the foreground, NOT.

I spent a good part of the morning sorting out my cell phone. I had found a shop that unlocks cell phones on Tuesday and had agreed to come back this morning to have my phone unlocked. This process took a little longer than I expected, which was bad because while I was on one end of High street in the phone shop, Cathy was at the other end of High street in Mark and Spencer's with the credit card:)

The cell phone is now fully functional with a UK phone number and internet. With the UK SIM card we can call Canada for 5p a minute and we get 10M of Internet free each day. Since it is a prepaid SIM card, we can control how much we spend. This is much better than the rates offered by Bell.

After we got the phone sorted we headed off to see Harrods department store. We walked around the food hall. Amazing! You could have everything from caviar to barbecue chicken to remarkably expensive chocolates. The place was packed with people.

Then we took the tube to Trafalgar Square and walked around there for a while. A statue of Admiral Nelson sits on a 170 foot column. He died defeating the French navy in 1805 off the coast of Spain at Trafalgar. The bronze reliefs at the base of the Nelson Monument were made from the melted-down French cannons. You can just see Big Ben in the distance.

From there we walked to Leicester Square. We stopped at the Haagen Das restaurant for a treat. That is warm molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream that I'm about to Hoover.

In the evening, we went out to Tottenham to visit Mrs. Smith, friend of Cathy's.

Tomorrow morning we will take the Tube to Heathrow and pick up our rental car. We will drive north to Pickering in North Yorkshire.

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  1. Hi Cathy and Dave, Deborah's cousin Elaine here! Deborah sent me the link for your blog so I'm going to follow along on your trip too. Haven't been in the Food Hall at Harrod's since 1981 but certainly haven't forgotten the sensory overload. Have a great time. Elaine