Thursday, June 20, 2013

A New Adventure Is About To Begin

We leave tomorrow evening on our trip to Austria and Eastern Europe!

The last few evenings have been hectic, getting the final preparations done. It's not just the packing. For me it's all about getting the tech gadgets ready and sorted out. For example, tonight I taught Cathy's cell phone to say 'Where is the bathroom?' in both German and Romanian all while in airplane mode. (That is, I downloaded the German and Romanian dictionaries from Google Translate. I am such a nerd!)

Anyway, about the trip. As we've told pretty well everyone who would listen, our trip will consist of two parts: a self-guided cycling tour along the Danube River Cycling Path from Linz to Vienna and a Danube River Cruise that will take us from Vienna to Bucharest in Romania.

The cycling tour is operated by HF Holidays from the UK. Here is a link to the web site describing our tour
The tour company provides the bikes, accommodations and transports our luggage. We need to cycle about 50 km to the next hotel each day.

The river cruise is operated by Walking Adventures International. Here is a link to their site describing the cruise
As the name of the tour company suggests, this tour will involve some walks and hikes.

We have been watching the news stories about the flooding on the Danube over the past couple of weeks with concern. Maybe it's being a bit self-centred to be concerned about our vacation plans when so many people have suffered such hardships. Our tour companies now report that water levels have dropped and it appears that both tours will go ahead. I expect that we may encounter some detours on the cycling path.

I will sign off for now. There may still be time to teach the cell phone a few more languages before we leave.

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