Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Rest Day

We spend two nights in Mitterarndorf, so this was a day without cycling. The Gastof zur Wachau is another nice family owned inn.

We took the bus into the small city of Krems. What fantastic public transportation system. There is an efficient and convenient bus system that services the villages along the river from Melk to Krems. The old town in Krems is a maze of narrow streets lined by these beautiful old buildings. This street was one of many that juts of the main pedestrian street.

We are in the heart of the Wachau valley, famous for the vineyards on the hill slopes by the river.

It is very picturesque and the wine that is produced is excellent. The distinctive veltliner white has become our favourite. A glass costs less than a coke! (I think I could give up my diet coke habit if I lived here! But one only replaces one habit with another. Not sure which is better for me! Cathy)

When we got back from Krems, we took a walk around our village. The homes are so well maintained. It appears so affluent that it looks like a well-to-do bedroom community, but I think it is a working village with farming and wine growing the major industry.

Besides wine, apricots are a major crop.

Another comment on food. No schnitzel or strudel on tonight's menu. A nice change. Soup was different as well. All was delicious. Got a chance to try some of the famous Viennese speciality, sacher torte. This is a dense chocolate cake with a layer of something (maybe apricot jam) in the middle. It was quite good.

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